New groups

The U3A is meant to be a self help group where members offer to run activities. It is gratifying to see that a number of members are willing to run new groups providing there is sufficient interest. 

If you are interested in joining any of these proposed new groups do let Ann Cousins know – 01799 219 072 –

New groups 

Art for Beginners – An”Art for beginners” group will start on 20th Feb at the Baptist Church – Tuesday mornings 10 to 12 noon. See Art page for more information.

Bridge for Beginners – This new group is now up and running. See the Bridge page for details.

Computers – This group has started and meets on Friday mornings 10 to 12 noon. See Computer page for more details.

Craft Group – has now started on Mondays 10 am – 12 noon and at the moment takes place in members houses. Let Ann Cousins know if you are interested.  

Keep Fit – A new Keep Fit Group will start on Wednesdays from 2.30 – 3.30 pm soon, places available, no date as yet. Please contact Ann Cousins if you are interested in joining this group  – 01799 219 072 – 

Natural History Group – The start of this new group has been postponed due to illness until further notice. Find out more about this group here.  

Potential new groups

Mandarin  – We have someone who is willing to teach this Chinese language.  Please contact Ann Cousins if you are interested in joining this group  – 01799 219 072 – 

Violin Group –  Ann Worthing has kindly offered to run a violin group. Find out more here. If you are interested then please contact Ann Worthing – or tel 01799 550 328

Hand Bell Ringing Group – Are you interested in Hand Bell Ringing? Trevor Reynolds, an enthusiastic, amateur hand-bell ringer has offered to start up a group. If you are interested in joining, then please contact Trevor on 01799 599414,

Other Groups that might be possible if there is sufficient interest and people willing to run them

If you are interested joining or running one of these activities then do let Ann Cousins know – 01799 219 072 –  You don’t have to be an expert!

Second Line Dancing Group

We have 14 on the waiting list for Line Dancing and so we would like to start a second group. Do you know anyone who would be willing to co-ordinate or lead this group?  If so please contact Ann Cousins – – 01799 219 072 –

Food and Drink Appreciation

This is just an idea at the moment and could be developed in different ways depending on members’ interests. It could be split into 2 or 3 separate groups, drink, exchanging recipes, sampling each others “creations” etc.  Would be great if this took off. Contact Ann Cousins if interested in joining or running this.

Darts or Dominoes

Would you be interested in forming a group to play Darts or Dominoes? Beginners welcome. 


Would anyone like to start up a Whist group? Beginners welcome.

Tutors needed

Saffron Walden U3A is looking for Tutors to take classes for Italian, French, and Writing for Pleasure.

We are also looking for people with knowledge and an interest in any subject (but especially languages, mechanics, the arts etc) who would be interested in bringing together and leading a group of members in a friendly, yet informative, environment.

If you are able to help yourself or know of someone who can help then please contact Ann Cousins – Group & Activities Organiser – 01799 219 072,

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