MAINLY FOR MEN – ‘Andes Plane Crash’ – a talk by John Guiver

Event Details

Monday 6th February 2017 – In the Garden Room, Jubilee Gardens 2.15 for 2.30pm –  ‘Andes Plane Crash’ – a talk by John Guiver – £3 entrance.

This is a talk by John Guiver who is the Principal Research Software Engineer at Microsoft Cambridge. John has taken an interest in the Andes Plane crash of Friday 13th October 1972. This was a Uruguayan aircraft with 45 students and rugby players flying to Chile. The survivors were isolated for 72 days. John tells the story as told to him by many of the survivors of the life changing decisions taken to combat the shortage of food and the sub zero temperatures to name just 2 of the problems. This is an opportunity to obtain a unique insight into an event that ricocheted round the world’s news desks.

If you need more information please contact John London, 01799 527 729.

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