There are now 2 Latin Groups

Latin 1

Group Co-ordinator: Kevin Fitzpatrick – 07972 217 589 –

Venue: Room 4 upstairs at the Baptist Church on Thursday afternoons from 2 to 3 pm.

Although we are not brilliant Latin Scholars we profit from our informal sessions, learn something every week and enjoy the friendships we have developed. We were once ‘Beginners’ but have now advanced towards the end of Book 3 of the Oxford Latin Course. If anyone is interested in the Group why not come along to a ’taster session.  

The Latin Group follows the Oxford Latin Course. We are into Book Three at the moment, which participants will need to purchase. (A good second hand copy is usually available from Amazon for about £5, and any book shop will get it for you). In the past we have also used the Cambridge Latin Course, and we may decide one day to flick back there again – but we’ll give ourselves plenty of notice of this! The course follows the activities of several characters (some well-known, like Cicero, Caesar etc) during troubled times for Rome and its Empire. We also use the plentiful supply of classical Latin texts available with their excellent English translations to broaden our knowledge of the Roman era. We also study the grammar and set ourselves ‘homework’ – which we mark ourselves. (What’s not to like in that?)

In ‘normal’ times we would also enjoy ‘field activities’ in which we might visit local Roman sites to read inscriptions on the buildings etc – great fun! Hopefully this will be possible again some time soon.

If interested, please contact Kevin Fitzpatrick: 07972 217 589 or email

Latin 2

Group Co-ordinator: Alex Reeve –  01799 522 818 –

Venue: Mondays 11.00am  to 12.30pm in co-ordinator’s house in Saffron Walden.

The group will be intermediate Latin one week and Classics the next.

This group is starting again from Monday 6th December 2021.