Theatre & Travel

The Theatre & Travel Group on their Olympic Park Cruise

This group meets on the last Friday monthly (except December) at 2pm upstairs in the Baptist Chapel to discuss and take bookings for forthcoming outings to places of interest, theatres, concerts, or the occasional holiday trips. Open to all Saffron Walden U3A members. Brief details of future outings are included below, or click on the image on the right to enlarge.

Further information may be obtained from:

Outings and Concerts – Christine Duffy – 01799 520 173 – (mobile number which should only be used during trips: 07786 402776) –, Jim Dwyer – 01799 521 524 mobile 07531 115160 – and Pamela Mugliston – 01799 521 697 – 07910 746 887 –
Holidays – Jean Little – 01799 513 411 –

If you are on a reserve list, could you please advise the organiser if you change your mind and no longer wish to remain on that list. Thank you.

Theatre and Travel Events

Click on the blue links in each case to find out more.

Future Trips being planned

  • Milestones Victorian and Edwardian Museum in Basingstoke – November TBA. Approx. £31. Chris Duffy – 01799 520173 or email
  • Backstage Tour of the Royal Opera House. The ROH are currently not including backstage in their tours and will not do so until at least May of this year so this tour is in the indefinite category. 
    Should they decide to do so at some point in the future then we will arrange a date. All previously interested parties will be notified. Thank you. Pamela Mugliston


Weston-Super-Mare and Ireland Holidays

The holiday to Weston-Super-Mare  is now closed to further bookings and the proposed holiday to the Isle of Wight has been abandoned due to difficulties finding an Hotel and so much time invested.  Jean Little

Holiday to Ireland 
Like most of you I had hoped we would be able to go ahead with our Holiday to Ireland in 2022, but sadly this has once again not been possible to arrange. On making enquiries there have already been problems in booking groups into hotels plus the cost has increased considerably so our Coach Co. has suggested we leave until next year when we hope things will have managed to balance out. I am sorry to have to impart this news to you but agree with what they say.  Chris Duffy