Easy Riders Cycling

Photo from a recent ride with a stop at the Red Cow at  Chrishall. As you can see our membership has swelled.

Co-ordinatorsColin and Anne Taylor – e-mail: colinandannetaylor@live.co.uk

The Easy Riders cycling group goes from strength to strength. It is now over 3 years old and we have many a ride “under the belt”. We have met on the first Thursday of each month and have missed only a small number of outings due to inclement/malevolent(!) weather.

The group meets on a monthly basis, starting on the first Thursday of each month throughout the year, although weather dependent in the winter. Our numbers are gathering all the time; our membership is now two dozen (and usually there are some 15 or so of us on a ride) and our typical ride distance is 22 miles.

A relaxed pace is set to allow riders to enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna and the social aspect of cycling.  All rides include a pub stop for lunch and a return time at about 3-4pm. In the summer months, if members are enthusiastic, full days out with some longer, but still leisurely, rides further afield can be planned.

Cyclists participate at their own risk and must wear appropriate footwear and cycle helmet at all times.

If you are interested please contact Colin and Anne – e-mail colinandannetaylor@live.co.uk , tel:  01799 543 127.  It would be useful to know if you are able to transport your own bike (and assist others) to the meeting point, or would require assistance.

Our next planned ride is to be out Westerly from Melbourn, with lunch at Abington Pigotts in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Also worth mentioning is that we are planning to ride The Tissington Trail (a disused railway) in Derbyshire in mid-July as an extra-curricular bonus.

Above photograph shows our group at The Gibberd Gardens, Harlow last year.

Above cycle ride involved a picnic amongst the sculptures at The Henry Moore Foundation; what a great day we had!


May 2019