Out and About

Co-ordinator: Rod George – 01799 584527 – rod.george1@btinternet.com 

This group’s aim is to have a drive in the countryside to a destination which will be disclosed on the day. (never more than 40 – 50 miles)The instructions for the journey will encourage participants to notice areas of interest and beauty, and participants are welcome to take as long as they like to reach the destination, stopping for photos / views / breaks etc. The destination will be one that is not easy to access by public transport, and car sharing is encouraged. More details are available from Rod.

The first meeting will be on August 17th, meeting at Swan Meadow to get instructions for the day.

The next meeting is on 12th September, and then no meetings over the winter until May 2024

There will be always be the opportunity to buy lunch/snacks at the destination, or you can take a picnic.

If you would like to join, please contact Rod on 01799 584527 or rod.george1@btinternet.com