Writing for Pleasure


Above photo of the group at our end of term lunch

Writing for Pleasure

Group co-ordinator: Diane Drury – 07870 900 852 – dianejgdrury@gmail.com

Tutor: Barbara Russell Pitman – belston@tiscali.co.uk

We meet twice monthly on Monday mornings from 10.00am to 12.00 noon in our tutor’s home. At the moment we are full but a second group has started – see below.

This group has grown not only in size but in an amazing quality of joyful and supportive performance. New members are welcomed and given individual help on how to begin to express their own thoughts and this sharing is powerful, giving meaning  to  life  through  personal  opinions  and experiences. Each one of us is different. Some have gifts of expressing in poetry, others in words, others in gifts with animals and gardening and travel and others through art and music and spirituality but all of this is enhanced with help from our tutor and supporter, Barbara Russell Pitman, who so enjoys her role that she inspires all of us to be who we are in writing for pleasure.  

Writing  For  Pleasure : Christine Levy
Thank goodness for Writing for Pleasure.  At least you know that every other Monday your spirits will be lifted.  Friendships  and companionships are formed in this lively group plus a mutual love of reading and a wish to be able to write.  To get all those ideas on paper gives a feeling of achievement, brought about through our leader, Barbara, with her experience and knowledge.  There are times when we get rather excitable and that’s when Barbara’s clapper board comes into play.  It is never dull.

New writers are made very welcome.  Many are shy about reading their work out loud.  Some just want to talk about their subject but find it difficult to express themselves on paper.   Barbara gently encourages them, step by step until they are confident – then they are up and away.               

The more confident writers are encouraged to write outside their comfort zone. Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn’t but you are learning all the time.

It is a full couple of hours: listening to each other’s work. Class writing exercises. Writing experiments plus the odd lunch.  I cannot think of a better way to start the week.

I LOVE (alternate) MONDAYS 

Christine  Levy

Writing for Pleasure 2

This group has been has been disbanded for the time being.  It may start again in the future.